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Choices & Changes knows that medical bills are one aspect of your personal finances that you cannot control. When you are in need of treatment you must seek care. Sometimes, even if you have medical insurance, you may have to cover a portion of the bill out of pocket. When this happens, Choices & Changes offers resources that will help alleviate the stress and burden of paying your bill. These resources include the billing of private insurance companies, medical financing through, payment plans (for those who do not qualify for financing options), and a sliding fee scale (for those who qualify).

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Private Insurance Billing

Choices & Changes accepts many private insurance programs in network. We will also work diligently with out-of-network providers for coverage of your care. Call (509) 735-7899 for a list of accepted providers.

Medical Financing

We offer the option of medical financing through the services of is created to provide consumers with easy and convenient options to pay for medical expenses through a variety of convenient financing programs that are available through your doctor's office. These plans include flexible payment options and convenient monthly payments.

Payment Plans

Choices & Changes is pleased to offer our clients monthly installment plans for clients with no insurance coverage or for those unable to pay amounts due in full. Our representative will work with you to ensure that monthly installment amounts are reasonable when compared to your monthly income and expenses. To find out if you qualify for the monthly payment program, please call Choices & Changes and speak with an account representative at (509) 735-7899.

Sliding Fee Scale

Choices & Changes offers a discounted/sliding fee scale to eligible clients to ensure that no financial barriers to care exist. Discounted/sliding fees are based upon federal poverty guidelines, and client eligibility is determined by annual income and family size. Schedules have been established and implemented to ensure that non-discriminatory, uniform, and reasonable charges are consistently and evenly applied. To find out if you qualify for a discounted/sliding fee, please contact an account representative at (509) 735-7899.